February 12, 2019: Niagara's American Falls


Having recently discussed in some detail the powerful Niagara River and magnificent Horseshoe Falls, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, I thought I would briefly share a few images of the USA side of Niagara Falls.  American Falls by itself would be amazingly impressive, although it does pale in comparison to its Canadian counterpart, separated from it only by Goat Island.

01 American Falls

Only about 10% of the water of the Niagara River pours over American Falls, some 75,000 gallons a second.  Almost all the rest goes over Horseshoe Falls.  Remember that about half of the River's flow is diverted for hydroelectric power generation, so without diversion, the flow over both Falls would be even more spectacular.

03 American Falls

I've only been to the top of American Falls once, preferring instead to spend my time around Horseshoe Falls and admiring American Falls at a distance.

04 American Falls


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