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Feb. 24, 2016: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Although Christopher Columbus and his brother Bartholomew built the city of Puerto Plata in the early 1500s, what visitors find today is from the Victorian era.
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A century after its founding, the city was abandoned and destroyed, by order of the Spanish government, to hinder the advance of English piracy. Another century would pass before it was resurrected again, only to again fall victim to war.

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What visitors find today began in 1865. The oldest section of the city features Victorian architecture. San Felipe Cathedral, in the heart of the city, is surrounded by Victorian-era businesses and homes.

cruise 7 - 6Part of a Carnival Cruise Line shore excursion tour takes passengers to this part of the city where traditional dances are performed by local residents; an uplifting and beautiful experience.

If you go:
For more information on this and other Carnival Cruise Line vacation opportunities check the website at or call (800) 764-7419.

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