Exploring the Patagonian Fjordlands: Glacier Alley


After an interesting morning exploring Pia Glacier and its surroundings, we returned to the Australis as she continued her journey.  Our next attraction didn't require leaving the Australis and could actually be enjoyed from the deck of our ship.  We were to navigate through what's commonly called "Glacier Alley".

04 Glacier Alley

01 Glacier Alley

02 Glacier Alley

Situated along the Beagle Channel, Glacier Alley is a string of massive and picturesque glaciers that extend to the sea from the massive Darwin Ice Field (which covers 2500 km2) on Isla Grande, the largest island in Tierra del Fuego.  These glaciers are named after several European countries -- Holland, Italy, Germany, Spain and France (in Spanish -- Holanda, Italia, Alemania, Espana and Francia).    If it seems a little odd that glaciers honoring other countries are found in Chile, its because they were named for the motherlands of the 19th-century explorers who first mapped this remote region.

04a Glacier Alley

04b Glacier Alley

05 Glacier Alley

You pass these glaciers in about two hours of cruising time and in between viewing of the individual glaciers, we enjoyed food from these countries served by the dedicated staff of the Australis.  All of the glaciers either extended to the sea or are close to it, and several are associated with spectacular waterfalls.  The scenery between the glaciers was also pretty spectacular.  

06 Glacier Alley

08 Glacier Alley

09 Glacier Alley

10 Glacier Alley

I took a number of pictures during this stretch of our journey, although I did not specifically label which glacier was which (not that it really matters).  I hope you enjoy this scenery as much as we did.  

12 Glacier Alley

13 Glacier Alley

14 Glacier Alley

15 Glacier Alley

16 Glacier Alley

These were to be the last glaciers we were to see on our cruise.  The next morning we were scheduled to disembarck on Isla Horne, the southern most island of South America.  

17 Glacier Alley

18 Glacier Alley

19 Glacier Alley

22 Glacier Alley

23 Glacier Alley

25 Glacier Alley


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