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Expensive Surface Pro 3, Great for Travelers

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3  has some great reviews out and does have some excellent features for travelers. It's is a combo tablet and laptop . As a tablet, It has a 12 inch  touchscreen , and a nine-hour battery life, As a laptop, it can run full Windows and is 2 and half times lighter than most other laptops.


The Surface is classified a tablet , according to the FAA and the TSA. and that has  benefits for air travelers too.You can use a tablet on planes during takeoff or landing. You can also leave a tablet in your carry-on  going through TSA scanner machines.


I think the stopping point for many ,myself included, will be the high cost. It's $800 for a base model plus $130 for the Type Cover ,For a lot less you can buy both a laptop and a good tablet.


Please leave your thoughts and or review in the comments.


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As you point out, it's a very expensive tablet...more so than even Apple's offerings!


As far as advantages for air travelers, that's a question also. For the past year or so, we've had to take the Kindles out at security as well as the laptops. I always did wonder why tablets were treated differently...and now it appears TSA has, too!

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