Eiffel Tower closed Friday as Workers Protest Pickpockets

Eiffel Tower
Strikes and walkouts by public employees are far from rare in Europe.  Still, it came as a surprise to many people when the Eiffel Tower closed most of Friday because its employees walked off the job.  It seems they are fed up with crime, specifically the pickpockets who frequent the Tower.  While there has always been theft, recently the pickpockets seem more organized.  The employees are demanding an increased police presence at the Eiffel Tower.

Officials said that crimes against tourists are down this year, in part as part of a security reaction to the terrorist attack in Paris earlier in the year.

Tourists could still walk around the base of the tower but could not access it's higher platforms for those world-famous views, shops and restaurants.  It is unclear when the tower will reopen, but likely it will be open soon, possibly even today.

More on this story from the Huffington Post at this link.


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