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Eat Out at Restaurants on the Cheap

This is a real way to cut down on your restaurant bills when traveling in the US.
If you pick a site like American Airlines, you can register for e-rewards. Not only do you get 250 miles on AA for registering and keep your miles active, you also will save quite a bit on restaurants. I'm really sold on this and have eaten at nice restaurants for $10-$12 total for 2 or 3 people.

E-rewards offers surveys and gives certificates after you reach certain levels. You can also use the credit for other things, but I think the certificates for are the best deals. For instance, once you get to $20 of their dollars, you can get a $25 certificate. You can pick the restaurant that offers. The selection is good in some cities. Normally they require you to spend $37 total to  use the certificate. But that makes a $37 bill only $12 in real money. One word of caution, some restaurants won't be a good deal, so look at the menu and if they have any rules restricting the certificates' use--days of week, total amount you need to spend, etc. Mainly it's straightforward though, and after getting the hang of it, you will see how much you're saving. 
Post if you've tried it out!

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