Dubai's Spice Souk


When you disembark from the abra (water taxi) that takes you across brackish Dubai Creek and begin strolling the streets of the older Deira neighborhood, you'll soon enter the market district.  A favorite stop here is the spice souk, which you'll smell at a distance of several blocks before you even enter it.  It's a pleasant aroma, associated with beautiful and colorful displays.  The spice souk adjoins the popular gold souk and, like it, is shaded by a high roof.

02 Spice Souk

01 Spice Souk

There are large piles of spices in front of the many shops in the souk, including cooking spices, frankincense, cinnamon, rose (and other flower) petals.  You'll find an assortment of dried fruit as well.  One of the most popular spices sold here is Iranian saffron, said to be the finest saffron in the world.  If you're interested, bargaining is expected and cash is preferred. 

03 Spice Souk

04 Spice Souk

Here's some of what I saw at this souk:

05 Spice Souk

06 Spice Souk

07 Spice Souk

08 Spice Souk

09 Spice Souk

10 Spice Souk

11 Spice Souk

12 Spice Souk

14 Spice Souk

17 Spice Souk

18 Spice Souk


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The Doctor really captures the colors and essence of this Souk, so much so that you can almost smell those spice aromas.

George G

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