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Don't Speed in France!


 Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond  of Top Gear were driving across France while filming an episode. They were doing 143 kph (88 mph) in a 130 kph (80 mph) zone. They were fined all of the money they had in their wallets,  had a three month driving ban ,and  no  future court date or way to appeal.


Share your views . Have you been caught speeding in France? Read more.

If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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What a pity that anyone would feel the need to speed through lovely France. There are so many reasons to slow down and enjoy, no matter how fine the car.  Good on them for admitting their mistake.


I have not had the exact experience of being stopped by the French police for speeding.  I have observed that the French police act very quickly to squelch problems.  Penalties can be harsh in many countries for all sorts of offenses.  I always tell my traveling friends to enjoy themselves but to do their best to follow all of the rules.

The punishment does not fit the crime.  Yes they were speeding.  A speeding ticket is reasonable.  The rest seems overkill to me.


But we don't know how the interaction was.  They might have given the cop some lip and....well, he was proving a point about who's really in charge.

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