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Dog Friendly: Ellen Clark Sculpture Park, St. Louis, Missouri


A few years ago we were able to spend a week in St. Louis with our puppies and had a great time. While in the area we were able to visit a small section of the Saint Louis University, as well as the Ellen Clark Sculpture Park. It was nowhere as large as Laumeier Sculpture Park, but it was still interesting.

Ellen-Clark-1Apparently the park pays homage to contemporary sculpture as well as the president of the university’s love of dogs. This unique sculpture/dog park is filled regularly with the neighborhood’s four-legged friends and their owners and is the home of a number of Modernist sculptures.  Some of the sculptures in the park act as benches throughout the park, and combine form and function, creating a space for humans and animals alike.

Ellen-Clark-2In 2012, the Ellen Clark Sculpture Park was named a "Pet-Friendly Place" by St. Louis Magazine. The location is the only designated place on campus where dogs are permitted to be off a leash.

Ellen-Clark-DogsA world to the wise though. The fence around the park is great, however, it doesn’t go all the way to the ground. Little guys can easily slip out. We had to keep an eye on our girls while we were there, but they had a good time running around.

Ellen-Clark-5Another thing I wanted to share was that it can be very muddy when it rains. Apparently it had rained and we did our best to keep our girls away from the mud holes, lol.

Ellen-Clark-3There we only a few dogs in the park while we were there, but they had fun running around with an active sheltie chasing its owner's ball throughout the park. I don’t know who was having more fun, our girls or the sheltie, lol.

Ellen-Clark-4They were quite tired after running around and I can say we all enjoyed our time at the park. Just make sure to feed the parking meter or they will give you a ticket. I saw several “patrols” while there. Not a fun way to end an outing. Hope you can enjoy the Ellen Clark Sculpture Park on a trip to the St. Louis area one day.


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