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Denver airport leads the charge for your phones


Denver International Airport has given travelers 10,000 reasons to not mind a layover or waiting for a plane. The airport has just completed a $4.7 million project that has added 9,696 charging points to its already sizable collection.

The new set-up lets the airport "“provide nearby power options in virtually every public seating area on the concourses.” The installation included 2424 hubs that each have two AC outlets and two USB ports.

Wi-Fi has not been forgotten either; the airport provides free service in the terminals and has recently spent $2.5 million upgrading the service, with one of the fastest networks of any airport.

Photo: IMTN/Wikipedia

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Having traveled to Denver in the past month, I'll vouch for that fact there a lot of places to charge your devices.  And there are still lots of gates that completely lack chargers, so they still have a long way to go.  

The free wifi at Denver is quite fast and widely available.  Much appreciate!

I think this should be a top priority for all airlines -- places to charge that phone and iPad before you fly.  It would be good if the consumer organizations provided comparative scores.

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