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Delta tops in on-time arrivals


For the second year in a row, Delta topped other US carriers in on-time arrivals, but at 84%, it wasn't very far ahead of United or Alaska, both just above 81%

Even Southwest, which suffered a major system meltdown last week, was in #5 position at just under 75% All the figures are for mainline operations, excluding regional carriers operating as 'Express' for the airlines Two Canadian carriers with extensive US destinations are also on the list

Industry experts have suggested that anything above 80% is a reasonable record, with the standard being that on-time means within 15 minutes of schedule

AirlineOn-time percentageFlights
Delta Air Lines8410%959,987
Alaska Airlines8142%231,248
United Airlines8126%749,725
American Airlines7877%1,025,075
Southwest Airlines7468%1,272,778
Frontier Airlines6899%161,982
JetBlue Airways6713%327,055
Allegiant Air6649%110,703
Air Canada5556%143,141

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