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Delicious in the Street, Naples


Street lunch time at what is claimed to be Naples' oldest pizzeria

Street food's a favorite of mine, even in cities where friends have advised against it. Fortunately for me, Naples wasn't one of them.

Taralli, with flavors of almond and pepper.

Staying for a few days in the city's historic center, we found nearly every block featured people eating, stores with tables outside offering their wares. On a visit to Pompeii, we learned that many of the shops there had been, in essence, fast-food joints, offering food to go through a window onto the street.

Naples has quite a few of those still, including the one that supplied the wonderful creamy, spicy, crusty piece of spaghetti pie that was nearly all we needed for lunch for two. Below, a cheese shop set into the outside along the sidewalk.



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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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