December 7, 2019: Hiking the Plain of Six Glaciers


One of the greatest hikes in the Canadian Rockies is the Plain of Six Glaciers.

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The trailhead begins at Chateau Lake Louise, works its way west along the shore of Lake Louise, then begins to ascend the Plain of Six Glaciers.  It's a beautiful walk!  The floor of the valley itself is rocky, but the peaks surrounding the trail are tall and, as the name implies, covered by several glaciers. The trail ends close to face of Mt. Victoria.

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I last completed this hike a few years back with my son and his wife (then fianc√©).  There's a teahouse near the trail's end but it's very busy and waits are long, so best to pack your own lunch  You can return the way you came or work your way up the Highline Trail to the Beehives and Agnes Lake.

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The area is only open a few months of the year, from around early July to late September, being covered by snow the rest of the year.

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