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December 3, 2019: Palamidi Fortress, Greece


Palamidi Fortress is located high above Nafplion, Greece and is considered an architectural masterpiece. This fort was built during the Venetian occupation in the early 18th century.


It features eight bastions, each self-contained, ensuring that if one bastion was breached the others could be separately defended. The bastions were built one on top of the other and are connected with one wall.


The fort is very large, but easy to explore except for higher points. The views of Argolic Gulf are spectacular too.


The visit to the fort was one stop on Exodus Travels' "Highlights of Ancient Greece" tour. 


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I love picking fresh fruit in Greece. Straight from the Tree. One of the highlites of any Holiday. Maybe it's just me - but the taste of a Lemon just off the tree is amazing. So many Greek Fruits I didn't know the name of. You dont get them in supermarkets.

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