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December 25, 2016: Biking Down Death Road


The name “Death Road” is not an invention of sensational journalism but was given in 1995 by the Inter American Development Bank to the very road connecting La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia, with the Yungas and finally Brazil, and getting down from 4.640 meters to 1.295 meters in only… 64 km.



Every year about 200 - 300 died on this short stretch. In one year about 25 vehicles fell off the road, making it one every two weeks. In 1985 a completely overcrowded bus plunged down killing everybody and making it Bolivia’s single worst traffic accident.


Now a new road has been built, and this terrible stretch can be enjoyed on mountain bikes… This trip down the mountain was one of the most memorable experiences in South America. It was simply fantastic, like a great dinner, you do not want it to end!



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