December 20, 2017: Kasbah Amerhidil, Skoura, Morocco


The Dades valley, to the south of the High Atlas mountains, is also known as the 'Valley of the Thousand Kasbahs'. Kasbah Amerhidil (sometimes transliterated as Amridil), which is depicted above, is a particularly well-known one. It even featured on a Moroccan banknote.

The photo below provides a wider-angle view of this gem from the 17th century, showing its impressive size.


A kasbah, in the sense in which the term is used here, is essentially a fortified building. (It can also refer to the fortified part of a town.) Some of the others in the valley have fallen into disrepair, but Kasbah Amerhidil has been beautifully preserved/restored, at least as far as the main parts are concerned.


 Guided tours are available and the two shots below show views of the interior.



 The upper levels offer breathtaking views over the Skoura palm grove.


 The little courtyard restaurant/cafe next door is an ideal place to relax with a coffee or a mint tea.


We visited Skoura as part of a two-week tour through Morocco. It was not actually on the itinerary, but our guide suggested the short detour – and we were very glad that he did.




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