December 12, 2016: Percheron Horses, Alberta


Percheron horses are an ancient breed and much of their history is unknown.  Some believe they may have been used by the Romans, others credit the breed to the Moors.  It is known that modern Percherons originated around La Perche in Normandy.


Percherons are large, strong animals that were primarily used for heavy draft work and, as such, were popular carriage and farm horses.  They were used in World War I to haul artillery.  Percherons are known for their intelligence, even temperament, ease of handling and hard-working spirit.



The horses were exported to North America in the 19th century and caught the eye of some breeders.  When I visited the Bar U Ranch in Alberta a few years back, I discovered that besides herding thousands of cattle around the prairies, the ranch was actively involved in breeding Percherons.  The descendants of the horses still live on the ranch today where they are used to give wagon rides to tourists.



They are beautiful and magnificent animals!



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Percheron-police-horseWonderful work horses with a positive future.

Known for their cool temperament and strength these animals are used by police in cities where heavy traffic doesn't  distress them.. For over 200 years breeders have a kept stud records and kept the breed pure.

As you say they were a war horse too. A million were left in France by allied troops after WW1. And unfortunately France has a "taste" for horse meat


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