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Danube Views in Vienna: Unique and Amazing


During our  trip to Europe in May of this year, we were able to visit Austria and check out their city building, the Rathaus. However, one of the things I was looking forward to while visiting Austria was seeing the Danube River.

I don’t know if it intrigued me because it was in Europe, or if it was because it flows through more countries than any other river in the world. All I know it that is was unique and I couldn’t wait to see it.

Danube-2I found out that the Danube actually passes or touches the border of 10 different countries:  Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania,  Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine. I thought that was so cool. Granted we only saw it while in Vienna, but what we did see was amazing.

Danube-3We had a pleasant time walking around and checking out some of the sights along the Danube as well as people watching. I think that was the best part. I was a little surprised that there weren’t more people out on the water. There were a few boats, but mostly people were biking or walking along the paths, and picnicking. Awhile later a storm rolled through, which answered that question, lol


One thing I really enjoyed seeing was all the beautiful white swans. There were so many and we enjoyed watching them swim around and dive for food every so often. I wish we had brought some food, but we probably weren’t supposed to feed them anyway. Either way, they were entertaining and we did see a few people feeding them.


Another thing we enjoyed seeing near the Danbe was the St. Francis of Assisi Church. It looked so interesting, but sadly we never did make it over to there to check it out. I guess it’s a good reason to go back to Vienna one day! Even though we didn’t go see it, I did take a lot of pictures of it. It looks phenomenal.


I am so glad that we were able to finally see the Danube River even though we got wet at the end. It was a blast and I hope to get back one day and be able to sit and enjoy a picnic while watching the boats go by. Sounds like a rather enjoyable afternoon. Here is a link to a website with more information and history.



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