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Currin Covered Bridge, Eugene, Oregon


Over Labor Day weekend this year, my husband and I were in Eugene, Oregon. We were amazed at the beautiful area. We found a book in our Airbnb and saw an article about several covered bridges in the area. Here is one of the bridges we toured during our visit.

Covered Bridges - Currin 1There were six bridges in all, and this one is the Currin Covered Bridge.  This bridge was built in 1925 and crosses the Row River. It is 105 feet long and only open to pedestrian traffic. Of all the covered bridges we saw on our tour, this is the only one that was painted in two different colors, red and white: Red for the sides and white for the portals. I also want to mention that it has a corrugated metal roof.

Covered Bridges - Currin 2


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