Crowded Sky: Boeing finds more room overhead

Or, in a way, less room overhead. By sacrificing two inches of headroom and making a few more tweaks, Boeing has created what it calls "Space Bins," overhead compartments for 737 that can take 6 carry-ons where 4 fit before. Alaska Airlines got the first plane with the new bins this week; Delta and United will follow over the next year.


The new bins reflect the fact that more passengers are carrying luggage on bags to avoid airline bag fees. In many cases, there's just not enough room, and bags end up gate-checked. The new bins will give Alaska room for 174 bags on a 181-seat plane that formerly could only stow 117 cases. Alaska plans to retrofit some of its other 737s, the only model it's available for.


The loss of two inches of headroom below the bins isn't likely to be an issue for any but the tallest passengers...and actually will help many of us who have a hard time reaching the light and call buttons on present models.

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I was aware that Boeing was working on this idea and it sounds like a real winner.  A carry-on bag is almost a necessity for people who fly. 


Boeing deserves full credit and thanks from consumers for this innovation.

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The Dreamliner has a lot of overhead space compared to the planes I'v flown, so this will even be better!

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