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China's newest wrinkle: Speed bumps for pedestrians


It's not clear whether Chinese officials were concerned about safety, or about ensuring that visitors take a slower, more appreciative look at a beauty spot along the road, but either way, they've put in speed bumps for walkers.

The 50 bumps, painted in striped yellow and black, line a section of road in Taiershuuang, an ancient town and a heritage site along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

Whichever the original purpose, they've become a sensation on social media, with questions about why, and plenty of pictures and videos of pedestrians walking carefully across them.

Oddly, as the picture shows, that seems unnecessary as it is possible to simply step off and walk next to the barrier!

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I guess they don't have "trip and fall" lawyers in China, but maybe they should

This is one of the most stupid ideas I've ever heard of.  People perform best walking on a flat surface.  These lumps and bumps add strain to joints and increase the risk of falling and injury.

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