China Adds 5 more people to their "Uncivilized Behavior" Tourist List


Jiuxian Ancient Village,Guangxi, China/ Photo by PortMoresby

China added 5 more to their bad behaving tourist list, now a total 16 people.  Among the 5, was a woman who threw hot tea on her tour guide after learning the price of her son's ticket to a western China scenic site was not included in the package she bought. 

In April, China's Tourism Authority created a list of Chinese tourist's guilty of bad behavior. Their names and alleged offenses are public and will be so for 1 to 3 years. As long as their names are on the list, they can be refused service by travel agents, airlines, hotels and at attractions .China is now working with  Chinese airlines on the possibility of banning those recorded.

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I don't like the idea of this list   While there are a few Chinese bad behaving tourists, like you'd find from any country, the vast majority are well behaved and friendly. Maybe they get more noticed now because there are a lot more Chinese people traveling. I think it goes to further negative untrue stereotypes. I happened to take 4 Air China flights in June after this list was implemented, and on one of flights, a seatmate told me that their was an announcement about not to embarrass China and of consequences for badly behaving passengers. That announcement was only in Chinese. I personally was really impressed at how polite the passengers were and how clean the plane were after some long flights.

If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

Conformity is expected of everyone, including visitors.  I agree -- it's a creepy list. Tell people not to come, but "listing" them sounds....well, very creepy.

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