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Caterham 21, London


As we walked from our hotel to London's Hyde Park, we passed this rather unusual and interesting looking car.  I'd never seen one quite like it and learned more about it later.



This is the Caterham 21, a two-seat roadster designed and hand crafted by Caterham Cars in the 1990s. It was based on a previous model, the Caterham 7.


The Caterham 21 was announced at the 1994 British Motor Show to celebrate 21 years of Caterham Cars.  The car was offered with a range of four-cylinder engines from 1.6 to 2.0 L, with 115–230 hp . Caterham had intended to produce 200 cars per year, but a total of only 40 to 50 were made before the project was discontinued in 1999.

P1080262I don't know if any kits or copies were made after the Caterham 21 was discontinued.  If not, then it is an extremely rare car.


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