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Casa Bacardi Rum Plant, San Juan, Puerto Rico


One of the more unique and interesting places we visited while traveling was Puerto Rico. We have been a lot of places, but this seems to be the place that most people ask about when they find out we were there. I have to say Puerto Rico is truly amazing and really enjoyed our few days there.

One thing we both enjoyed quite a bit was our tour of the Casa Bacardi Rum facility. I am not a huge drinker, but when I do, I usually like something with rum in it. Thus I was very interested to see the facility and learn more about their company.

Bacard TramWe arrived early and checked in for our tour and they gave each of us a drink ticket, wohoo. It was a great way to start out the day, lol. Anyway, it was still early so we decided to hold onto our tickets and wait until after the tour. However, it was nice sitting out front and relaxing while we waited for the little tram to take us on the tour. Once we we all on board, they took us to the actual center where they tell us a little about the history of sugar cane in the Caribbean and the origins of rum making.

Bacardi Bat2While in this room, we also got to enjoy a short movie about the Bacardi family history, and the Bacardi rum making process. It is actually quite interesting and informative as I didn’t know much about their family or the rum making process. Having taken a lot of brewery tours, I couldn't help but compare as we went along the tour.

Bacardi FrontEventually we made our way to see a reproduction of the original factory, and we were shown how the rum is stored in huge barrels (kind of like beer and wine). They also have a lot of Bacardi family memorabilia, such as pictures, original bottles, documents and there’s even a section to smell the types of rums. That was fun!

Bacardi BatI was disappointed at our next stop, lol. It was a bar where a bartender showed us how to make Mojitos and a Cuba Libre. I was so disappointed as Mojitos are one of my favorites, but we couldn’t try any in here . So sad.  Anyway, he did explain which Bacardi rums are available and how to use them. We even found out there is one type of run you can’t take on a plane. Apparently it is too flammable.

Bacardi BarThe last part is quite fun and entertaining. It’s a huge room where they have computers available so you can send out a video e-card to your family and friends. It’s kind of silly, but fun. The only thing I remember is it echoed a lot and was hard to hear what we were saying, oh well, we still had a blast.

Us-at-BacardiAfter we got drooped off in the Gift Shop, of course, we headed back out front and headed straight to the bar where we could actually get a drink lol. I had been dying for a Mojito after that wonderful demonstration, but decided to get something a little fruity. It was delicious. I can’t remember what Gene ordered, but he enjoyed his quite a bit too.

Bacardi-DrinkI had wanted to take some pictures outside, but didn’t before the tour, so we walked around and took quite a few. I even got a couple of us. Not great, but it was nice to have to remember our trip. It was in May and I just remember it being so hot all the time in Puerto Rico. This day wasn’t an exception, so that drink tasted pretty darn good. Here is a link to their site for Tour Information and Pricing. Hope you get to visit one day.



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I've visited the Bacardi plant too, and remember being quite impressed by it.  As I recall, the original was in Cuba and the family moved to P.R. to escape Castro.

And I'm proud to see you standing after those free samples!  Thanks for the post.

Twitter: @DrFumblefinger

"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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