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Cardiff Castle, Wales


When you visit the Welsh capital, the number one place to begin your exploration is Cardiff Castle, one of Wales’ leading heritage attractions.

Located at the heart of the capital, the Castle has nearly 2,000 years of history waiting to be explored.


The Romans arrived in the 1st century AD and built a series of forts here. In the 11th century, the Normans constructed the Keep that still dominates the castle grounds. The medieval Lords of Glamorgan began work on the House during the 15th century.


The Bute family followed by leaving their mark on the Castle in the 19th century. They transformed the House into the opulent Victorian Gothic home it is today.


During World War II, the castle walls were used as air-raid shelters, a place of safety for thousands of Cardiff citizens.


The Castle and its grounds are enormous. Plan to spend several hours here, especially if you choose to take the full House tour. An abbreviated tour is offered with general admission.


Whether you love history in general or want to learn more about the city of Cardiff, the Castle should be number one on your to-see list.



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