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Canal St-Martin in Paris/Where Locals and Travelers Mix

I've been to Paris quite a few times, but it was only my last trip this past June that I ran into Canal St-Martin , near the Gare de l'Est station. I liked it because it was a
spot where you see locals and travelers enjoying a Friday night.

The Canal banks are crowded with people having picnics,wine or just sitting. Outdoor concerts were everywhere on the Friday night I was there. I saw mainly  young people , but I never felt out of place as there were people of all ages.DrFAvatar040_zps3ca6d23b I started out the evening hearing a concert from Kemawan, a Venezuelan band that I really enjoyed. Then I heard  cover bands, marching bands and of course techno. I'd suggest one go early in the evening.


As the night turns into early morning , there are a lot of  broken bottles and the main  thing that I playing was techno. I then saw people crowd the streets to watch  blocking traffic.


It's interesting to see but then traffic gets snarled and the mood changed as honking of cars get underway.  I think it captures why Paris is special and shows that  Parisians enjoy their picnics like few others.



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