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Canada to New Citizens: Travel your new country!

Quebec of the popular visits for new Canadians. For more, click HERE


Canada has a novel gift for its new citizens: a 50%-off railpass to get to know the country's sights and beauty spots, and a menu of over 1200 free cultural activities. The pass is good for one year, and covers the new citizen and up to 4 children.


The arrangement, a partnership between the national rail operator, Via Rail, and the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, is in its third year, and has just been renewed for another. In its first year, 2012, there were 771 trips; by last year it had risen to nearly 5000. Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City have been the most popular.


The free activities offered include performances, historic sites, activities in national and provincial parks, art galleries and museums.



The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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