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Brits still in love with long-haul holidays


Despite recent publicity about a 'flight-shaming' movement that asks vacationers to forego air travel to reduce environmental impact, British travelers seem to still love warm-weather holidays abroad.

According to the Associaition of British Travel Agents has looked at British travel habits over the past 25 years, and found that numbers of travelers to Spain, the Caribbean, the U.S. and more continue to rise, even though travelers say they are aware of the need to travel responsibly. The ABTA report indicates that these travelers expect the package holiday companies to take care that their trips benefit local economies.

How big has the business grown? Riding a trend of lower airfares, more efficient long-distance planes and other factors, package tours to the Americas and Caribbean have more than doubled since 1994; bookings to Mexico rose 3,500% in that time. Still, however, Spain is the top target for British tours.

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I can get an 11 hour flight from the UK to Cuba, Airport transfers, All inclusive Resort on the Beach and evening Entertainment. 2 weeks in June. Same price as I pay for a return Flight only to New York - 6 Hours.

$1250 US.

I'll be responsible when the UK Prime Minister gets the Train from London to Brussels instead of Flying.  

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