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British Air to WIDEN seats

Boeing 787 British Airways. Courtesy Mark Hawkin and Wikimedia 

Going against the current Zeitgeist, British Airways has announced plans to widen seats on its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft.  As we all know, plane seats are getting narrower and the pitch (distance between rows) is also shrinking, despite the increasing size of its customers.  The squeeze is especially difficult in packed planes that fly long distances, like 787s do.


The change is only for Dreamliner seats, which will be just a half inch wider, but don't discount the added comfort this bit of extra space can mean.  Some might counter that this is badly needed because British Air has "gone too far" in its seat shrinkage -- in fact with this change it is just matching its competitors.  Whatever the reason, it's welcome and we need to bring attention to airlines that implement [policies that increase passenger comfort.   The extra space is to come from a "reconfiguration" of the cabin, although British Air hasn't explained exactly what will be done.


More on this story from Road Warrior Voices at this link.



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  • Boeing 787 British Airways.  Courtesy Mark Hawkin and Wikimedia

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