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Britian's Famous Attractions Get Literal Chinese Names

VisitBritian announced the winners in their 'Great names for Great  Britain ' campaign The campaign used the existing trend of the Chinese to give literal names to favorite celebrities, places and foods. Over 2 million Chinese visited the campaign pages and 30 million Chinese watched the launch video .13,000 new names were suggested. Chinese visitors to Britain are spending  £500 million annually and VisitBritian has plans to vastly increase that number.  


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Here are some of their announced naming highlights:

  • "The Shard - Zhai Xing Ta (摘星塔) - A tower allowing us to pluck stars from the sky or London cone
  • Savile Row - Gao Fu Shuai Zhi Lu (-高富帅之路) - Tall, rich, handsome street (refers to popular "meme" in China to describe the perfect man) or Custom made rich people street
  • BlackpoolLe You Yuan – (乐游原)- A place that is happy to visit or Deep pool carnival - ‘Shen Chi Jia Nian Hua’
  • Llanfair-pwllgwyn-gyllgo-gery-chwyrn-drobwll-llanty-silio-gogo-goch – Jian Fei Cun (健肺村)- Healthy-lung village
  • Loch Ness Monster - Ni Si Hu An Ying - (尼斯湖暗影) - The Loch Ness shadow
  • The Kelpies - Kai Po Ju Ma (铠魄巨马) - Glorious armoured giant horses (homophonic with Kelpies)
  • Cerne Abbas Giant - Bai Se Da Luo Ben (白色大裸奔) - Big white streaker
  • Hadrian’s Wall - Yong Heng Zhi Ji (-永恒之脊) - Wall of eternity
  • Brighton Pavilion - Qiao Zhi He Yue Han De Yin Du Gong (乔治和约翰的印度宫) - George and John’s Indian palace
  • Stoke-on-Trent - Wan Bo Tao Ci (万博陶瓷) - Diverse ceramics
  • Brimham Rocks - Bo Han Qi Yan (博瀚奇岩) – A lot of rocks in different shapes"

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