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Bold British Robin


This was the boldest bird I’ve ever encountered. It’s not uncommon for wild creatures to become less afraid of humans when they see them frequently and come to realise that they mean the creatures no harm. But this robin went the extra mile and put on a performance for us.



As we walked it flew in front of us and landed on a branch, where for all the world it appeared to pose for a photograph. Then it flew and hopped around us as we continued to walk. We were in the gardens of Rydal Mount, the former home of poet William Wordsworth, in England’s Lake District. Visitors do come here when the house is open to the public, but not so often that wildlife would become familiar with them, I thought.



This was not the food-seeking kind of attention that you get from pigeons and gulls but something quite different. At one point I thought it was actually going to hop onto my hand but it stopped just short of doing that. I never expected to get so many close-up photos of a robin and it made my day.  


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