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Boeing: 38,000 new planes needed in next 20 years

Boeing's 7500th 737 leaves the assembly plant. Boeing expects many more. Boeing Corp. photo


Boeing predicts the world's airliner fleet will double over the next 20 years, from about 21,600 now to 43,560—and between growth and replacement, 38,050 new planes will be needed to meet the passenger demand worldwide.


The company estimates that passenger traffic will grow nearly 5% a year, which is about the rate it has been growing for a while. Cargo traffic is predicted to grow 4.7% a year. Boeing says most of the growth will be in smaller planes, ranging from its 737 variants in the single-aisle market (where it competes with Airbus's A320 line) and in the smaller wide-body line (such as the 787 and Airbus A350).


Boeing estimates that the needed planes will cost a total of about $5.6 trillion. And it's out in force at the Paris Air Show this week to try to nail down orders.


For more detail, and Boeing's infographic on the commecial outlook, click HERE

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