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Best and Worst airports list for 2015

Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Paris-Beauvais, France and Laguardia in New York City top (or is it bottom?) the shame list for airports in the world, Europe and North America this year on a recent survey. At the other end of the scale, congratulations to Singapore Changi, Munich and Vancouver, Canada. Feeling tired? Best airport for sleeping award goes to overall winner Shanghai, whose waiting area can be seen above.


There are lots of lists of nearly anything about travel—Best, Most, Least, Prettiest and all the rest—but one of the most important categories must be airports, because you just can't avoid them.


There are competing lists as well: some focus on business travelers, some on other factors, but one of our favorite, and most comprehensive, sets of lists comes from It has best and worst for each continent and for the world, and information on where to sleep while waiting for a plane. 


The survey, which rates on "comfort, convenience, cleanliness and customer service," draws from a wide base of reader comments to compile its lists, which are available HERE


Runner-ups in the tops category: Seoul-Incheon, Helsinki, Tampa, and among the bottom-feeders: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Santorini, Greece and New Orleans.


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