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Austria's Easter: 50 million eggs, lots of visitors


Easter is a big season almost everywhere, both for home celebration and travel, and Austria is counting on both for an economic boost. It's expected that businesses in Vienna alone will take in over €60 million during Easter in pastry, candies, and other delicacies, as well as hosting over a million overnight stays.

Among the Easter delights, around 50 million eggs—about 6 per Austrian—are expected to be sold around Easter, many of them destined for dyeing or painting, while others will doubtless go into home baking.

But it's not all without worry: According the, lab tests have found potentially cancer-causing aromatic oils in 8 out of 20 tested chocolate rabbits, also a popular Easter treat.

Of course, it's not just Austria that has big Easter traditions, and there are recent article in TheLocal covering traditions in Denmark and Spain, as well. For more on Austria, click HERE


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