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August 27, 2018: Cathedral of Cádiz, Andalusia


Cádiz is a major port city on Spain's Atlantic coast and home to many interesting sights. Its huge cathedral, pictured above, ranks amongst the top attractions. Work on the cathedral started in 1722, but it took 116 years to complete. As a result of this long construction period the building shows an unusual mix of different architectural styles.

The cathedral sits along the waterfront of the old town and pretty much dominates the skyline here.


The promenade probably offers the best views of the building, as it is very difficult from other angles to get far enough away to be able to see/photograph more than a relatively small part of it. After trying various vantage points I finally managed to take a half-decent shot of the cathedral's front facade.

CC_PHOTO3Just around the corner from the cathedral is this grand square, the Plaza San Juan de Dios.


The building on the left of the photo is the town hall. On the right you can just about make out the dome of the cathedral and one of its towers.

There were two huge TUI cruise ships in the harbour when we visited Cádiz. However, we found it quite easy to avoid the crowds and managed to explore the city without being jostled around or finding places of interest surrounded by half a dozen tour groups. Indeed, in many streets of the old town we did not encounter more than a handful of people, and they were mostly locals.


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