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August 27, 2017: Ethiopia - Camel Caravans in the Danakil Depression

The 2 expeditions I made to the Danakil Depression in the Northeast of Ethiopoia,, the hottest place on earth, rank among the most challenging and most expensive ones I have ever undertaken.  But nothing, nothing will ever take away these memories: each day brought a new highlight, each minute something unseen, unique and spectacular!
During my stay in the village of Ahmed Ale, the daily excitement started half an hour before dawn. After morning prayers, the Afar workers and endless Camel Caravans started heading for the salt mines. In the afternoon, hundreds of camels, each carrying up to 240 kg of salt plates tied around their hump, came trotting back, the first leg of a 5-day long journey to Mekele, where the salt is sold. A sight simply out of this world





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