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August 23, 2018. Gooseberry Falls State Park, Minnesota


The rocky terrain around Lake Superior lends itself to some dramatic waterfalls.  A popular stop for travelers making their way between Canada and the US on highway 61 is Gooseberry Falls state park.

Situated just off the main highway, the falls are quite lovely, the flow of water varying dramatically with season and local rainfall.  A nice loop trail takes you into the forest (which is lovely in the fall) and along the Gooseberry River as it makes its way to Lake Superior.

The photo below was taken of my two boys about 17 years ago.  Both are now married -- one is a software engineer, the other an astrophysicist.  I am extremely proud of them and love them as much today as when they were such cute kids.

Gooseberry Falls Bryan & Evan


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  • Gooseberry Falls
  • Gooseberry Falls Bryan & Evan

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