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August 11, 2019: The Coin Artist, Ushuaia


In a park along Ushuaia's waterfront is a small market featuring small "mom and pop" gift shops, like this one.  Most sell junk like crappy t-shirts and hats, but this one caught our eye.

01 Ushuaia Coin Man

This gentleman is an artist.  He takes coins from around the world, meticulously cuts out the artwork within them to make lovely pendents featuring animals, flowers, buildings, heroes, etc. -- a large assortment of beautiful items.  I'd only in decades of traveling seen one other display of its type, and that many years ago.

02 00 Ushuaia Coin Man

My wife is extremely fond of horses and purchased several horse pendants for herself and as gifts.  The artist was appreciative and pleased to know his handiwork was traveling to California and Washington state.


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  • 00 Ushuaia Coin Man
  • 01 Ushuaia Coin Man
  • 02 00 Ushuaia Coin Man

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