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Aug. 6, 2020: My Favourite Cuban Resorts, Playa Pesquero


As Cuba comes out of lockdown this resort is only open to Cuban Nationals, the main Island is still closed to foreign tourists.

Ten miles off the coast, Cuba has large sand bars, the Cayos, which are much like the Florida Keys. Each is serviced by a local airport. The Cayos are opening now to international tourists, secure and quarantined away from the mainland. Hotels have been reserved for the treatment of Covid suspects, each with full medical equipment.


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Where in the Cayos is this? I have been to Guillermo several times and love Playa Pilar - although they have now ruined the view by building several concrete monstrosities near there. A Google search for Playa Pasquero leads to a place near Holguin (but spelled 'Pesquero'). That's clearly not it.

Pesquero Beach is on the Playa Costa Verde. Holguin. The Hotel Aston Costa Verde Beach Resort re-opens on December 1.  Under New Management. All visitors this week are Cuban Nationals. It is on the Cuban Mainland. I've corrected the spelling. Tnx.

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