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Aug. 24, 2019: St Mungo on High Street, Glasgow


This is one of a number of large Glasgow murals, the work of Sam Bates, also known as Smug, an Australian artist working in Glasgow, Scotland.

This one, which took about a week to paint, depicts a story in modern dress from the life of Glasgow's patron saint, St Mungo, who lived in the 6th century.

According to the story the saint intervened when a group of village boys were stoning robins in the street. One bird fell to the ground, dead, and Mungo picked it up, caressed it, smoothed its feathers and prayed over it. After a while it flew away, and locals called it a miracle. In our skeptical times we'd be more likely to think the bird had only been stunned, not killed. But then, it's not our story...


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