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At last! London 'Night Tube' to start in July


It looks as if London is finally about to get its 24-hour weekend Tube service, with Mayor Boris Johnson announcing a late July start for the service that was to begin last September. The service will keep certain lines open around-the-clock on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Tube, or Underground, presently shuts down between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., but the 'Night Tube' service will keep trains running on the Jubilee, Victoria, Northern, Central and Piccadilly lines.

The earlier start was derailed by disagreements with transport unions over how the service would be staffed; the unions objected to the disruptions the schedules could make in staffers' lives and schedules. Agreements with some of the unions have been reached and others are in negotiation that has resulted in some pay adjustments. Some of the routes will be staffed by part-timers.

Passengers will pay the regular off-peak fare for the service. The lines will run with different frequencies, based on expected traffic, and some lightly-used branches will not be served. Precise details are in an article in The Telegraph (UK) HERE


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