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Asia tops in world's busiest air routes


Fifteen of the 20 busiest international air routes in the world connect cities in Asia, according to data from the Official Airline Guide, and another connects Asia to Europe. 

Only two North American routes made the Top 20, along with one connecting New York to London and one connecting London to Amsterdam Schiphol. That last, which came in #19 on the list is likely to fall out of contention in next year's figures now that direct Eurostar service has opened between the centers of the two cities.

Atlanta, which holds the top spot for most passengers using an airport, is not anywhere in the most flights list, which shows numbers of flights rather than numbers of passengers. For instance the #2 route on the list carries over three times as many passengers as the first, but in fewer and larger planes. 

Here's the Top 20, listed by numbers of flights between March 2017 and February 2018:

  1. Kuala Lumpur-Singapore (30,537)
  2. Hong Kong-Taipei (28,887)
  3. Jakarta-Singapore (27,304)
  4. Hong Kong-Shanghai Pudong (21,888)
  5. Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur (19,849)
  6. Seoul Incheon-Osaka/Kansai (17,488)
  7. Hong Kong-Seoul Incheon (17,075)
  8. New York LaGuardia-Toronto Pearson (16,956)
  9. Dubai-Kuwait (15,332)
  10. Hong Kong-Singapore (15,029)
  11. Bangkok-Singapore (14,859)
  12. Bangkok-Hong Kong (14,832)
  13. Hong Kong-Beijing (14,543)
  14. Dubai-London Heathrow (14,390)
  15. Osaka/Kansai-Taipei (14,186)
  16. New York JFK-London Heathrow (13,888)
  17. Osaka/Kansai-Shanghai Pudong (13,576)
  18. Seoul Incheon-Tokyo Narita (13,517)
  19. Amsterdam-London Heathrow (13,170)
  20. Chicago O’Hare-Toronto Pearson (13,100)


Photo: mailer_diablo/Wikimedia

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