April 9, 2019: Canada Olympic Park, Calgary


Canada Olympic Park was the venue for several events during Calgary's 1988 Winter Olympics.  It was from this hill that Eddie the Eagle soared (or at least tried to), becoming the first English skier to represent England in ski-jumping in over a half century.  He finished dead last but he won the hearts of people all over the world.

01 Calgary Olympic

My favorite event of that Olympic Games was featured in the terrific John Candy movie, Cool Runnings.  This film (loosely) documents the first entry of the Jamaican bobsled team into the Winter Olympics.  If you've never seen the movie, treat yourself and watch it sometime -- guarantee that you'll love it.

Olympic Park is still used throughout the year, for skiing, bobsledding and snowboarding in the winter, and for mountain-biking, zip-lining and more in the summer.

One of the attractions at Canada Olympic Park is the bobsled from the movie Cool Runnings, scenes of which were filmed at this site. 

02 Calgary Olympic

03 Calgary Olympic

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