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April 8, 2020: Standley Lake Regional Park, Colorado


It has been extremely frustrating to be stuck at home and not able to travel as we wish (not to mention everything else ). However, my husband and I had to get out for a little while to try and feel fort of normal again for a few hours.

Standley Lake 4We ended up at a little a park and lake a few minutes from our house called Standley Lake Regional Park in Westminster, CO. We grabbed some lunch, the dogs, and set out to explore some areas of the park where there weren’t other people.

Standley Lake 2We found an area where there were a few others walking around, but mostly quiet. We even saw one guy fishing. It was sort of a pathetic adventure instead of some of the things we’d have rather been doing, but it was nice to feel like a human being again for a little bit. Hope you all can find some small adventures.   Stay safe.

Standley Lake 3



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Thank  you DrFumbleFinger. This whole no travel thing is making me insane, l We've missed two trips already, one because of sickness over Valentines Day and one one because of this irritating virus issue. We also have two more (2+ week road trip through 11 states for our anniversary, and a trip to Atlanta for a convention)  before the end of June that will prob not happen. Just so frustrating. I am also worried about a trip to AZ in Sept, NH, VT, and ME in Oct and CA in Nov. Not knowing when all of this will be over is the hardest thing, I think. But like I said, it was nice to get out and feel a little human again even if it was just down the street, lol. Stay safe and healthy. 

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