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Apr. 7, 2016: Budget Vacation in France


For a change this week I thought we'd look at where the Europeans go on budget vacations.

One typical area is the west coast of France. South of the River Loire. Tropical climate and on the edge of beautiful wine producing country.

Was one of my kids' all time favourites. The ones I'm looking at now are run by Eurocamp, a British travel company.

You drive to a campsite located between the beautiful beaches and pine forests that line the Bay of Biscay.
There you'll find a park with Static Caravans, Tents with lighting and fridges all erected. Beds off the ground. Swimming pools and adventure playgrounds for the kids. Golf, tennis, boules and fishing. They really are wonderful and something I've never found in the US. They're just so much fun for kids and adults too. You'll make lots of new friends. (You need to book in advance.)
It's the perfect place for exploring the wine growing regions. Chateaus and countryside. A little taste of rural France. 

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Yes DrF. I know camping is popular in North America.

But do you drive to a site where you have a tent ready erected for you.

Cooker - Lighting - Electric Fridge waiting for you ?

With a swimming pool and slides and kids adventure land.

There's no RV's on these camps.

Caravans and cabin homes are viewable on the link provided.


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There are places that will rent you a set-up tent -- often this is upscale camping (Glamping) and the tents have most of the amenities of a room.  Most people around here have their own camping gear and set up their tent where they want.  With modern tents and a little experience, that rarely takes more than 10 minutes to do.

If people want a vacation with a pool, they generally don't go to a national park.  For these purposes there are inexpensive budget hotels of all types around.

But I like the option you describe in France.

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

We enjoy camping here. And we have our own equipment. And we can put it up in 10 minutes too. But going to an area of Europe and getting budget accommodation that's central to exploring Paris - Berlin - Munich - Marseilles - St Tropez - Brussels -  the Spanish Costa's etc and all at a budget  price. With toilets - showers - hairdryers - on site stores for wine and food  - then even the Ladies can't complain. And a car park so you can be off touring the caves and vineyards. Staying in a Budget Hotel is missing the whole point of enjoying nature. Watching the sun setting over the Atlantic - sitting on beautiful white sand with the family. Sitting on the grass eating BBQ food that Dads burnt. And talking with your neighbours. Sharing recommended wines with them. Chunks of cheese and fresh fruit. We all do "survival camping" at home - but this is camping without the flashlight and bucket !

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