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Apr. 23, 2017: Discovering The 5-Day-Market Around Inle Lake

The five villages on the shore of Lake Inle take turns, so there is actually a market each day of the week.
The more popular one, Taunggyi Floating Market (also called Ywama), is now quite crowded, as it is close to the hotels catering to large tour groups. The most remote one at Kyauk Dain Village hardly sees a tourist. The three days on Inle Lake, we managed to visit the Floating Market at Taunggyi (or Ywama), at Paya Phaung Daw Oo and Inthein Market.
Early in the morning, we were the only foreigners. That changed around at 08:30 am, when the first tourists arrived and by 09:30 it was time to retreat to a coffee shop and watch the locals doing their shopping.

Those markets are a mix of traditional rural markets offering everything for your daily needs, but also an increasing number of souvenir stalls, to address the rapidly growing number of tourists. The majority of women still wear traditional clothes, creating amazing photo opportunities…





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