April 22, 2018: PIWO Beer Truck, Krakow


Parked near Wawel Hill in Krakow is a rather fancy old truck, all done up as a beer delivery truck -- down to large wooden kegs sitting in its bed.

02 PIWO beer truck

PIWO is a Polish beer but not one of the major labels of the country.  Still, I thought this was extremely effective advertising.

04 PIWO beer truck

05 PIWO beer truck

The flat bed truck is a Barkas V901/2, an East Germany brand which was made in the 1950s.  There were many other chassis put on this frame, but this style was the most useful and popular.  These trucks were used in the Eastern European communist block until after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

06 PIWO beer truck

07 PIWO beer truck


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A lovely old truck, intriguingly with Berlin registration plates. Piwo, incidentally, is not a brand, but simply Polish for beer - mirroring the English word on the back.

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