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Antelope Canyon, Arizona


I am excited to get to Page, Arizona. I have an appointment, so to speak, for an Antelope Canyon tour.

Located in the Navajo Nation near Page, Arizona, near the Utah border, the swirling orange, yellow and purple-colored crevasses draw thousands of tourists every year.

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Unlike most canyons eroded by rivers, slot canyons are formed when water rushes through the sandstone creating unusual formations.

I chose the more accessible Upper Canyon with sunshine streaming in on the canyon walls. Antelope's Lower Canyon is physically more challenging.

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Entry is restricted exclusively to tours led by authorized guides. Not only are the canyons on a Native American reservation, but safety is a significant factor when visiting. You cannot just make your way to the canyon.

At the appointed time, my group and others received instructions on which truck to go in. We make our way to our designated pick-up truck, outfitted with benches in the truck's bed.

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The ride to the canyon takes about 20 minutes. Our group is first, and we make our way into the glorious and mystical canyon. We all pause to take photos as light streams through openings in the roof of the canyon.

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Words cannot accurately describe this natural beauty. Swirls of color surround me as I take another photo.

I hope if you ever have the opportunity, you will seek out this beauty and experience it for yourself. It is an experience you will never forget.

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