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Another Anne Frank house to visit


Millions have visited Amsterdam's Anne Frank House, the hidden annex of a canalside house where the young girl wrote her diary, living in hiding from the Nazis, but now it is possible to 'visit' the apartment where she lived before her family went into hiding.

Anne moved to Amsterdam with her parents shortly after the Nazis took power in 1933, and lived in a second-floor apartment at 37 Merwedeplein until 1942. Her diary actually started there when she received it as a gift on her 13th birthday.

Several years ago, the Anne Frank Foundation bought the building and restored it to its original style. Since 2005, parts of it have been used by the Dutch Foundation for Literature as housing  for writers in exile from their own countries.

The virtual visit to Anne Frank's old apartment is a joint project of the Anne Frank Foundation and Google Arts and Culture. It uses Google's Street View software.

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