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And the winners are...


If you're bored with airline safety videos, or if you look forward to the increasing number of full-production ones, often filled with humor, this is for you:, a Sydney Morning Herald website, has collected ten of the best recent safety videos.

You can find them linked into their story HERE

The collection ranges from corny to faux-Broadway to straight-on stunning. Air New Zealand hits the list several times, and although I've never read or seen Lord of the Rings, I loved "The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made," as seen in title image. And for sheer daffiness, there's a Virgin Atlantic number featuring a comic duo in sendups of all the Hollywood cliches, all mixed with full demonstrations of the seatbelts, oxygen masks and exit lights.

And here's one more that didn't make the cut but should have!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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